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The IDE has 3 main code editors dedicated for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The IDE automaticly detects what language you want to use and sets up correct color theme and in-context notifications. You can also change the theme of editors in settings.

HTML Editor

Editor for HTML is available for each page of your app and the Reusable Slot. The IDE automaticly creates basic structure of page on its creation including neccesery <head> with <meta> tags and <body>. While creating the Reusable Slot the IDE creates simple example span which you can edit by using standard HTML

html editor

CSS Editor

CSS editors can be accessed by:

  1. Global Styles
  2. CSS button - visible only on pages and in the Reusable Slots
css open

Here you can also access specific CSS files via dropdown:

  1. Currently edited page
  2. Slots
  3. Widgets
css switch

CSS editors allows to import global styles or external libraries (like bootstrap or fontawesome) specified in dependencies file. You can see how to use it in the example below:

JavaScript Editor

JavaScript editors are available for:

  1. Providers
  2. Commands
  3. Widgets
js editor


Line Operations

Ctrl-DCommand-DRemove line
Alt-Shift-DownCommand-Option-DownCopy lines down
Alt-Shift-UpCommand-Option-UpCopy lines up
Alt-DownOption-DownMove lines down
Alt-UpOption-UpMove lines up
Alt-DeleteCtrl-KRemove to line end
Alt-BackspaceCommand-BackspaceRemove to linestart
Ctrl-BackspaceOption-Backspace, Ctrl-Option-BackspaceRemove word left
Ctrl-DeleteOption-DeleteRemove word right
---Ctrl-OSplit line


Ctrl-ACommand-ASelect all
Shift-LeftShift-LeftSelect left
Shift-RightShift-RightSelect right
Ctrl-Shift-LeftOption-Shift-LeftSelect word left
Ctrl-Shift-RightOption-Shift-RightSelect word right
Shift-HomeShift-HomeSelect line start
Shift-EndShift-EndSelect line end
Alt-Shift-RightCommand-Shift-RightSelect to line end
Alt-Shift-LeftCommand-Shift-LeftSelect to line start
Shift-UpShift-UpSelect up
Shift-DownShift-DownSelect down
Shift-PageUpShift-PageUpSelect page up
Shift-PageDownShift-PageDownSelect page down
Ctrl-Shift-HomeCommand-Shift-UpSelect to start
Ctrl-Shift-EndCommand-Shift-DownSelect to end
Ctrl-Shift-DCommand-Shift-DDuplicate selection
Ctrl-Shift-P---Select to matching bracket


Ctrl-Alt-UpCtrl-Option-UpAdd multi-cursor above
Ctrl-Alt-DownCtrl-Option-DownAdd multi-cursor below
Ctrl-Alt-RightCtrl-Option-RightAdd next occurrence to multi-selection
Ctrl-Alt-LeftCtrl-Option-LeftAdd previous occurrence to multi-selection
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-UpCtrl-Option-Shift-UpMove multicursor from current line to the line above
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-DownCtrl-Option-Shift-DownMove multicursor from current line to the line below
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-RightCtrl-Option-Shift-RightRemove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to next
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-LeftCtrl-Option-Shift-LeftRemove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to previous
Ctrl-Shift-LCtrl-Shift-LSelect all from multi-selection

Go To

LeftLeft, Ctrl-BGo to left
RightRight, Ctrl-FGo to right
Ctrl-LeftOption-LeftGo to word left
Ctrl-RightOption-RightGo to word right
UpUp, Ctrl-PGo line up
DownDown, Ctrl-NGo line down
Alt-Left, HomeCommand-Left, Home, Ctrl-AGo to line start
Alt-Right, EndCommand-Right, End, Ctrl-EGo to line end
PageUpOption-PageUpGo to page up
PageDownOption-PageDown, Ctrl-VGo to page down
Ctrl-HomeCommand-Home, Command-UpGo to start
Ctrl-EndCommand-End, Command-DownGo to end
Ctrl-LCommand-LGo to line
Ctrl-DownCommand-DownScroll line down
Ctrl-Up---Scroll line up
Ctrl-P---Go to matching bracket
---Option-PageDownScroll page down
---Option-PageUpScroll page up


Ctrl-KCommand-GFind next
Ctrl-Shift-KCommand-Shift-GFind previous


Alt-L, Ctrl-F1Command-Option-L, Command-F1Fold selection
Alt-Shift-L, Ctrl-Shift-F1Command-Option-Shift-L, Command-Shift-F1Unfold
Alt-0Command-Option-0Fold all
Alt-Shift-0Command-Option-Shift-0Unfold all


Ctrl-Shift-Z, Ctrl-YCommand-Shift-Z, Command-YRedo
Ctrl-,Command-,Show the settings menu
Ctrl-/Command-/Toggle comment
Ctrl-TCtrl-TTranspose letters
Ctrl-EnterCommand-EnterEnter full screen
Ctrl-Shift-UCtrl-Shift-UChange to lower case
Ctrl-UCtrl-UChange to upper case
Ctrl-Shift-ECommand-Shift-EMacros replay
Ctrl-Alt-E---Macros recording
---Ctrl-LCenter selection