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We prepared video showing how fast and well orginised is code exported outside of GlueCodes Studio. In the video bellow you will find:

  • Exporting Code
  • Local Files
  • Docker
  • Exported Code
  • Prerenders
  • Google Insights
  • GTMetrix

The key feature of GlueCodes Studio is that, although you write classic HTML, CSS and sandboxed JavaScript functions, your code is transformed into a complete SolidJS + Webpack boilerplate. Here is what you get:

  • Code that is Dockerized.
  • package.json with all necessary dependencies.
  • npm scripts to prerender, build, lint and start Webpack Dev Server.
  • Modular file structure.
  • CSS Modules and styles imported in beautifully formatted JSX.
  • Webpack optimizations:
  • [Global variables] are added to Webpack’s DefinePlugin config.
  • All textual content can be found in src/actions/providers/getVisualContent/en_us.json. By modifying the provider you can easily. introduce multiple languages to your app.

Here is an example file structure: