The perfect choice for your next project

Getting Started

GlueCodes Studio takes care of the whole initial setup and runs with an example "hello world" app. You can preview your changes with out-of-the-box live reload. That means there is no need for using the terminal and spending hours on architecting your project before you start focusing on features. You get the power of an online IDE which stores your project files as well as the generated code on your local drive. The web-based IDE has been built to give you great experience also when running on multiple browser tabs/screens.

Here is a rough list of the aspects we covered for you:

  • Templating
  • App state and local state management
  • Scoped styling and theming
  • Single-click installable widgets
  • Seamless refactoring
  • Loads of automation and assistance
  • Performance optimizations

First App

We have created a short video tutorial showing how much faster it is to create reactive web apps in GlueCodes Studio compared to traditional methods. This video will help you to start developing advanced apps by showcasing basic functionalities of the tool. After watching this short video you will know how to install and edit Widgets, create logic and edit its layout and styles.