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Get app actions and styles auto-generated from HTML while typing simple attribute directives. The IDE tells you exactly what might need to be customised and when. The live preview lets you instantly verify your code changes and experiment with styles making the whole experience a pleasure


Add a new page without worrying about any necessary glue code - it’s auto-generated. Edit HTML or just choose a component that matches your feature requirements. It’s simple, just choose one from the side drawer and insert into your new page with one-click. Now you can see it in action without touching a single line of JavaScript

Reusable UI slots

Every web app consists of elements which are shared across multiple pages. These can be header, footer, cookie consent notice or anything limited only by your imagination. We know how important it is not to repeat yourself. In your pages, use any pre-added reusable UI slots or just add a new one by simply using it in the page HTML

App actions

Build reactive UIs with global app state and actions. Start with HTML, and with simple attribute directives bind tags to relevant app actions. Don't worry if they don’t exist yet, just keep typing to notice that the necessary initial-data-providing app actions are auto-generated, using HTML texts/values as example data

Implementation Assistant

In-context code generation lets you code more while typing less. Without leaving the page HTML editor you may write a functional prototype with all the JavaScript auto-generated for you. With Implementation Assistant, you can easily navigate to app’s actions which might require customisation, keeping you focused and on track

3rd party integration

Many valuable libraries have already been written. GlueCodes is an IDE for professionals and it wouldn’t be complete without a full access to NPM Registry. Use your favorite open source libraries as you like


You can either download code as static production-ready files or scalable code to be further customised outside the IDE if you wish

Standard JavaScript: 517kB


Minified JavaScript: 283kB


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